I2PC belongs to INSTRUCT, the European Strategic Infrastructure Project (ESFRI) in the area of Structural Biology.

I2PC provides support to structural biologists, helping them to maximize the extraction of biological knowledge from their microscopy images.

I2PC also provides support and training in the use of image processing software, at the same time that it develops software and standards oriented towards the standardization, simplification and reliability of the image processing tasks.

News and events

Instruct Biennial Meeting

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"Showcasing Integrative Structural Biology"

Florence (Italy), 20-22 May 2015: the second Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Meeting will showcase integrative structural biology and its impact on biological research. Register now!

Student fellowships available (deadline Friday 13th March 2015).

Instruct: Focus on Spain

Spain has been in close contact with Instruct since the early stages of the preparatory phase of this Infrastructure. Membership of Instruct with full rights came only with the signing of the International Consortium Agreement at the First Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Meeting in Heidelberg in May 2013. In the relative short period since the signing of the ICA, Spanish scientists have become the main users of the Instruct access proposal system.

Building on the clearly expressed scientific national interest indicated before, and in spite of the severe national economic recession, Spain is seriously considering being one of the Founding Members of the future Instruct ERIC.

Access Call Open

Call for access is now open.

Visit any number of the Instruct platforms to perform cutting edge science. Submit your proposal for access today. Call closes 30th January at 5pm CET.

Instruct platforms

I2PC provides support for the image processing of electron and X-ray microscopy images being acquired as part of Instruct Projects. There are two modalities of support:

Image Processing ePlatform

We provide remote access to our computational environment. At this moment this access will be focused on single particles mainly through the XMIPP package, while during 2014 a general web-accessible workflow platform will start being provided, combining different processing suites.

More information and access to this ePlatform

Personalized support for Image Processing project

This platform will provide personalized support to Instruct projects requiring specialized processing of either electron or X-ray microscopy images. It will also help developers in integrating their methods into generally accessible analysis workflows.

The Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) in Madrid will assign personnel to this analysis, as well as the required computational resources.

More information and access to support

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Xmipp logo

Xmipp: a suite of image processing programs, primarily aimed at single-particle 3D electron microscopy.

Scipion logo

Scipion: an image processing framework to obtain 3D models of macromolecular complexes using Electron Microscopy

3DEM Benchmark logo

3D-EM Benchmark: a web application for the automatic and standardized benchmarking of image processing methods.

Pepper logo

Information Integration in Structural Biology: methods for the integration of 3D-EM maps with X-ray and NMR structural data, fitting and hybrid models.

3DEM wiki logo

3D-EM Methods Wiki: an extensive repository of 3D Electron Microscopy methods.

EMX logo

EMX: a web application for the standardization of information exchange between different single-particle 3D-EM software packages.



Director: José-María Carazo

Technical Directors:
Carlos Óscar Sorzano
Roberto Marabini

Strategic Advisory Committee


Prof. Wolfgang Baumeister.
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (Martinsried), Director.


Prof. Jose L. Carrascosa.
Spanish National Center for Electron Microscopy, Director.
Prof. Joachim Frank
Columbia University.
Peter Fruhstorfer.
FEI Company. Vice President, General Manager Life Sciences.
I2PC staff

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Postal address:
Unidad de Biocomputación
Centro Nacional de Biotecnología
c/ Darwin, 3 (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
28049 Cantoblanco, Madrid (Spain)


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